O2K: Octocon 2000

The Premier Event in Ireland for lovers of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

What is O2K?

For ten years, Octocon has been the place for science fiction, fantasy and horror fans to meet, exchange ideas and share a drink or two.

Fun events at Octocon include:

Panels where guests discuss a wide range of topics, such as space travel, vampires, Tolkien, comics, bug-eyed monsters to name a few.

Workshops where you can learn from experts in areas such as writing, drawing and painting, getting published and even sword-fighting.

Dealers will be selling books, toys, collectables, clothing and other merchandise.

Masquerade and Costume Party where people like to dress up and show off, then dance the night away. There will be guest judges and prizes for the best costumes. Click here for details.

Signings where you can get all of your books signed by your favourite authors.

Michael Marshall Smith

Michael Marshall Smith is a well known and much loved British writer of books which could best be described as "comic SF." His first book, Only Forward is an excellent starting point. Two of his books are currently being made into films, and he is working on several other screenplays.

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Other Guests

We have a wide variety of other guests, covering many genres, including writers Kim Newman, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Diane Duane and Katherine Kurtz. Ireland is represented by Michael Scott, Peter Morwood and Ian McDonald. We also have Colin Smythe (Terry Pratchett's agent) representing the publishing industry. Jock Howsen will talk about technology. We have John Vaughan, an independent film maker, and a host of other interesting people.

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Be Part of Live Radio History

This year, for the first time ever, Octocon will feature a live radio broadcast of a science fiction radio play. The play is currently being written by Roger Gregg and involves lots of excitement, fun and audience participation.

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Film Premiere

We are pleased to announce we will be premiering John Vaughan's new short horror film The Bogieman at the convention.

The Morningstar

This years Octocon will feature an exciting Live Action Role Playing Game (LARP), where players involve themselves in a thrill-packed space adventure. This runs all weekend and costs an extra £5 to join, but we'll have a supplemental game everyone can take part in.

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