Be Part of Live Radio SF!

Octocon 2000 Hosts Historic Live Radio Comedy Broadcast
This year's convention will feature a live broadcast of a science-fiction radio play. The broadcast will take place from the convention hotel on RTÉ Radio 1, which covers Ireland by conventional radio, Europe by satellite, and the world over the Internet.

The Scene...

Roger Gregg's play, Invasion From Planet Vampire is about the adventures of Captain Roslyn Sane and her crew of misfits. Their mission is to bring the mysterious Ambassador Cube to the Convening Congress of the Intergalactic Congressional Convention of Intergalactic Inconvenience, where all the leaders of several galaxies are gathering to form an alliance of Class M planets and M planets without Class.
Trying to stop them are Space Pirates, alien Vampires and countless other nasties. As if that wasn't enough, their ship can't seem to travel two parsecs without breaking down. How will they get to the intergalactic convention in one piece?

The People...

It will be written by Roger Gregg whose Time Out For Bill Lizard won "Best Audio Science Fiction Production of 1999" in the US, and produced by Tim Lehane, the producer and presenter of Another Time Another Space - one of the last bastions of adventurous radio in the known world.
It will be performed by the Crazy Dog Audio Theatre which features not only Roger Gregg, but also Morgan Jones, Danna Davis and Michelle Read.
Morgan Jones is one of the leading voiceover actors and comedians on the Irish scene. He is one of the creators of - the only daily source supplying your Irish satire needs.
A trained singer, Danna Davis has regularly been a featured soloist for Theatre Nights programmes on RTÉ Radio 1 and made several concert appearances at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. She has also created many cartoon character voices for such series as Norman Normal and Dragon's Rock.
Michelle Read is a playwright/comedian who has had her work on RTÉ radio 1 and also BBC Radio 4. She's also won awards at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.
Other performers, including live sound effects artists, will be announced when they have been confirmed.

The Show...

All the sound effects will be done live, so they'll be there tromping through a large box of gravel to make walking crunch noises, blowing silly slide whistles, swishing water around in basins, squeezing slime to produce slurping outer space alien noises. It's fun to see the wacky sounds created before your eyes.
The play will also rope the audience into the performance. So the audience will also get to take part and go off on the adventure along with the cast. You could be called upon to be part of the horde of marauding aliens, or one of the terrified humans in the spaceport or even help to provide the background noise.
The play will take place on Saturday evening, before the Masquerade and Costume party. Prior to the broadcast, there will be a pre-show "warm-up" to give the actors a chance to warm up their characters and introduce the cast to the audience. Because this bit isn't being broadcast, it leaves the actors a bit freer to interact with the audience and get away from their microphones.
It's a fairly Extra Special Event. How many other times can you think of RTÉ radio doing such a thing? Since it's going out on RTÉ it will therefore also be streamed out live over the Internet, so we will be publicising it as much as we can to get a large international audience.