Programme Events at Octocon 2000

A brief preview of this year's convention

It goes without saying (or, at least, it should) that the programme for Octocon 2000 will be full, varied and interesting. In case you have doubts, here's a sample of the items we're running, to whet your appetites:


"By Belenos, the Druids are Revolting!"
Our panel of authors considers the sub-genre of Celtic fantasy. How do the Celtic barbarians of history compare to the proud, moustached warriors and wise, learned druids of fantasy Celtica?


Spacecraft Design Workshop
An attempt to get us to Betelgeuse in under an hour, determining along the way whether it's possible to fit a fully-specified warp drive into the small closet on the third level.


The Great Cat Debate
Cat lovers defend their pets against the assaults of the Great Cat Detractors of this world.


That Whole Y2k Thing
Jock Howson explains why we're all still alive, despite every piece of automation in the world failing simultaneously last December... or something.


Fans from Hell / Cons from Hell
A perennial Octocon favourite. Our Convention veterans relate their personal nightmares and triumphs from the world of SF fandom.


SF on Stage and Screen
A panel of screenwriters explain the tribulations of bringing the sweeping vistas of SF to life in the mouths of actors - in particular, why SF dialogue is always so crap?


Artificial Intelligence / Artificial Stupidity
Our guests wonder aloud whether AI will be our saviour, our nemesis, or an embarrassing flop all round.


Thirty Second Rant
Room 101 on speed; your chance to get it off your chest, and win prizes if you're vehement enough.


The Year in SF
A look back at developments in the genre through the past year. Would Harry Potter beat Pikachu in a straight fight, we wonder?


In addition to our usual dual stream of panels and our audio-visual programme, we'll also be setting time aside for Kaffee-Klatches with the guests - your chance to get close and ask those questions which have been really bugging you.


We hope that there'll be something for everyone at Octocon 2000 - remember, it's your Con so, if there's something you want to talk about, let us know!

Colm Buckley



The Masquerade

Don't forget the Masquerade will be featured on Saturday night, with great prizes for the best costumes in several categories.

What we value most is imagination and originality. Some of the best costumes in the past have been very simple ones - it's the effort that counts. The most important thing is to take part and have fun.

See our feature in Progress Report 1 or on the Octocon Web Site for more details and get to work on that costume!