O2K: Provisional Schedule

  Main Programme Alternative Programme
10:00 Opening Ceremony  
11:00 SF Review of the Year Shared Universes
12:00 Thirty Second Rant Getting Published
1:00 After the Millennium Artists' Workshop
2:00 Guest of Honour Interview  
3:00 Bad Writing for Beginners How Books Happen
4:00 101 Uses for a Dead Planet  
5:00 Cons/Fans from Hell  
6:00   Radio Play warmup and audience rehearsal
7:00   LIVE Broadcast of Radio Play
8:00 Masquerade & Costume Party  


  Main Programme Alternative Programme
10:00 Artificial Intelligence Fan Fiction
11:00 My Favourite Bit Terraforming Mars
12:00 The Great Cat Debate SF Radio
1:00 Virtually Believeable Spacecraft Design
2:00 Alternate Histories Create your own Religion
3:00 Politics in SF New Authors
4:00 Celtic Fantasy Anno Buffy
5:00 SF for Actors/Scriptwriting Cyberpunk
6:00 Closing Ceremony  
7:30 James White Award ceremony in the Irish Writers Centre, Parnell Square