O2K: Committee

Would You Leave These People in Charge of a Convention?

James Shields - Chairman & Publications

I met a pig-seller from an antique bookshop
Who said :- Two vast and wobbling legs of flesh
Stand over the ConCom. Near them, a little higher,
Half drunk, a smiling visage lies, whose grin
And trembling lip and cheer of bold "your round!"
Tell that its owner well those passions knows
Which yet survive, stamp'd on these wifeless things,
The hand that holds booze and the liver which copes.
And on the name-tag these words appear:
"My name is James, chairman of chairmen:
Look on my committee, ye mighty, and despair!"
Many beside remain: round the sway
Of that colossal geek, boundless and bare,
The lone and level-headed committee stretch and yawn.

- by Colm

Colm Buckley - Treasurer & Membership Secretary

A rare and unusual species. When not acting as Treasurer for Octocon or buying small black gadgets, it spends most of its time in its natural habitat: the Liquor Cabinet.

Its distinctive talents include the ability to sniff out a bottle of fine whiskey at 1200 yards, not to mention occupying part of Terry Pratchett's head. Probably the broom closet at the very back.

It is advisable never to argue with this creature as you will fail. Even if you're right.

- by Skye

James Brophy - Hotel & Guest Liaison

James Brophy lives in a small orchard of supercomputers, where he is said to be busy producing a digital film which will make Toy Story 2 look like an amateur home movie. However, we can't confirm this rumour because he won't let us see any of the stills.

Everything about this man is three-dimensional. He even has all of his clothes specially designed to give an extra sensation of depth.

James has been responsible of a large part of the creation of the Octocon LARP, Morningstar, coming soon in glorious 3D!

He also collects Star Wars figures, but remodels the faces to look like himself.

- by James S

Ruth Cassidy - Publicity & Dealer Liaison

Rarely seen during daylight hours, Ruth Cassidy has recently been recruited to the committee, where she has taken the title of Publicity Officer. Little is known of her mysterious ways, and we have no intention of spoiling the legend by telling you the truth.

- by James S